On Monday night, you saw a bunch of Philadelphia sports media folks post this teaser on their Twitter accounts:

They’re joining the ALLCITY network, which we mentioned here on September 1st. It’s a sports network with websites in Denver, Phoenix, and Chicago, featuring written material, podcasts, video, and various multimedia offerings. Someone described them to me as “The Ringer if it was focused on only one city,” which I think is a good description. The Denver site even has its own sports bar, which is pretty sick. They do live events and watch parties and all of that.

ALLCITY made their own announcement blah blah:

The staff list is pretty much set. Joining ALLCITY will be:

Not all are full-time, and there will be other contributors as well. BALDY is one guy I was not aware of, so that was cool to see him on there.

You see Anthony Gargano on that teaser graphic as well, which is surprising to me. Gargano was involved with ALLCITY early, but he’s become tangled up in legal issues related to his Beasley contract. My understanding is that that remains unresolved, so we’ll have to see what comes from that. Notable is that they put “coming soon” before revealing him on the video.

One of the interesting things is that ALLCITY might have stuck a fork in The Athletic in Philadelphia. The only remaining writer is Matt Gelb (Phillies), and the New York Times-owned website currently features 0 Sixers, Eagles, or Flyers writers. We’re told they will be filling some of those vacancies with single-beat writers, while other teams will be covered in a regional fashion. Think, for instance, of the Flyers guy also being the Islanders guy. Or the Sixers guy also being the Wizards guy. That’s the gist as it was explained to us.

Stay tuned for more information. This is a developing story, blah blah.