They’re not thrilled with Andre Dillard in Nashville:

Seemed like Dillard saw a lot of Myles Garrett Sunday, who finished with 3.5 sacks and will make anyone look bad, but the early return on Dillard’s three-year, 29 million dollar deal is a whole lot of meh. There are Titans accounts already figuring out that they can cut Dillard after this season an eat a $7.7 million dead cap hit, then come out with a projected $81 million in free space in the near future. Dillard turns 28 next month and got 13 million guaranteed in the deal.

Here’s a collection of Titan fan tweets about Dillard:

  • “I told u all when the titans signed Andre Dillard that he was trash. So far he has made me right. He is pure trash. Put raduinz at LT when skronski comes back . PLEASE!!!”
  • “Just a perfect fucking ending to that half. Fuck Andre Dillard.”
  • “Launch Andre Dillard into space”
  • “Andre Dillard you should be flipping burgers you bum.”
  • “Andre Dillard – holding (on for dear life)”
  • “Andre Dillard is #notgood”
  • “Andre Dillard sucks”
  • “André Dillard is trash! Get him out of the game please!!”
  • “Andre Dillard was a terrible signing”
  • “Andre Dillard is just Dennis Daley in a Gucci belt that he bought with all the money he robbed from the Titans”