According to Oli Coleman at Page Six, Bill Belichick has called it quits after 15 years:

It seems that Bill Belichick has chick trouble.

Page Six hears that the legendary Patriots coach has split with longtime love Linda Holliday.

But the boss’s love woes are causing stormy seas around his usually peaceful Nantucket existence — and they’re even making team execs nervy.

Six-time Super Bowl champ Belichick has been with Holiday since 2007, but we hear that they’ve been involved in a drawn-out, back-and-forth breakup for nearly a year.

I love this!

People are going to say a single Bill Belichick is a dangerous Bill Belichick. No distractions. Hammer Pats +4! He’s had more time now to watch tape and figure out how to stop Jalen Hurts. Less time running around Nantucket with his girlfriend. Did you not read that little blurb? He’s a lovesick puppy, this guy. The Pats front office is nervous. NERVOUS! About a guy who has six Super Bowls under his belt. A back-and-forth breakup for nearly a year? Rip the bandaid off, Bill!

Lets see what’s happened in the last year of Patriots football. Belichick lost OC Josh McDaniels. He hired former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to call offensive plays. Mac Jones sucked. Patriots fans wanted Bailey Zappe (who they cut this year) to start over him. They lost a game like this:

And they missed the playoffs. Why? Because Belichick is whipped. He’s letting her stay in his house?

“(In fact, we’re told Holliday has even been staying at his home lately, despite the split).

Complicating matters is that southern gal Holliday has got to be very fond of his New England haven Nantucket during their romance, and isn’t keen to leave the tight-knit island community just because she’s no longer with Belichick.

We’re told she wants to stick around.”

This guy has never won a breakup in his life. Hammer the Birds! You’re an idiot if you think Belichick isn’t heartbroken and crying while watching Reed Blankenship in two high safety. You’re also an idiot if you don’t use this PointsBet promotion. Bet $50 and you get $150 Fanatics discount. So you win $50 on the Birds and you get a free jersey? Not even Bill Belichick would turn it down.