In the aftermath of Angel Hernandez tossing Bryce Harper Thursday night, a local kid with a story to tell:

I guess you have to look on the bright side of everything. We get an egregious ump show, but a 10 year old gets a worn and then signed Bryce Harper helmet out of it. A feel good story! All it took was Angel Hernandez being a complete dickhead to generate some warmth and fuzziness on the back end.

This will be a story Hayden can tell for the rest of his life.

Rando: “Hey, Hayden, why did Bryce Harper throw his helmet in the crowd anyway?” 

Hayden: “Well, you see, there was this umpire who was universally understood to be the worst in the world. He called a ridiculous third strike on an obvious check swing, then Bryce got so mad he got in his face and chucked his helmet into the crowd. That’s how I got it.”

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