Get a load of this:

“I’m gonna start being on the like, ‘let’s hurt Jalen Hurts’ train. Cause this is annoying to watch as a fan, like this game, they’re gonna win this game… I get it. It just needs to be stopped. And if we have to take out one guy for the greater good.”

Line crossed! You can’t wish injury on someone. Who are you, Shane Stant?

I think the big-picture takeaway is that the tush push has opposing fans and national media twisting themselves into fucking pretzels. Diana Russini wants to put a limit on tush pushes per game. Joe Schad and Peter King want to ban it outright. Barstool guy who I hadn’t heard of until 15 minutes ago is now suggesting the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan routine instead. What are we doing, taking a lead pipe to Hurtss kneecap? Big Dom DiSandro would need 3 seconds to smother Cheah with an Adidas tracksuit.

They just cannot handle the tush push. They can’t stop it. They can’t run it themselves. They don’t have football’s best offensive line and they don’t have a quarterback who can squat 600 pounds with yo mama on top.

If you see Steven Cheah, boooooooooo this man.