This post is dedicated to the Facebook commenter who was complaining about too many tush push articles. Here’s Chris Simms essentially calling for Bounty Gate 2.0 before softening his stance about three seconds later:

Simms is a jamoke Hurts hater, and always has been, but the thing that’s particularly bothersome in this case is that he is a former NFL quarterback who is openly encouraging the “head hunting” of another NFL quarterback. Isn’t this supposed to be a fraternity or sorts? Just look at Fake News Florio’s reaction prior to Simms walking it back:

Simms does the ole’ “I don’t mean literally kill the quarterback” thing at the end of the clip, but it’s spurred by Florio’s intervention when realizing his co-host has taken the conversation beyond the pale.

Simms is sharing the very loose interpretation of a widely-shared take: pundits and players alike are telling other teams to hit the Eagles so hard that they think twice about running the sneak again. It’s one thing to say that, but when douchebag Barstool guy talks about intentional injury, and Simms talks about trying to “kill the quarterback,” then we go from the realm of reason to entirely losing the plot, as the British say. You gotta be careful talking about this stuff. It’s one thing to send a linebacker hurdling over the LOS to clean Hurts’ clock in a legal way, and make him think twice about running the sneak, but the line is totally crossed when you talk about illegal hits and dirty plays.