Get the tinfoil hat on. We might have evidence that a James Harden deal is close to done now that the Sixers added Kelly Oubre Jr.:

Monday night, when the Sixers signed Oubre, they saw Daryl Morey adding depth to the wing. The Internet, though, saw it as a sign that a Harden trade is close. That’s because Oubre and Harden apparently hate each other and it’s because of Oubre’s wife. According to, during the league shutdown in 2020, Oubre and Harden were seeing the same Instagram model, Shy. Shy was apparently Harden’s main chick in Arizona. But when he found out she was seeing Oubre on the side he blew up and almost cancelled a party he was throwing:


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You know it’s serious if James Harden is cancelling parties.

Since then, the girl Oubre allegedly stole from Harden has become his wife and they have two kids:

There’s also this tweet that’s been floating around after the Oubre news broke about how QJ (Quitter James) will never play with Oubre:

Is this Daryl playing mind games with Harden? “Oh you’re going to make me look like a fool in China? I’m gonna sign the guy who stole your girl and married her. Have fun looking behind the bench in the family section at her for 41 games.” I love it. If the Sixers are going to be shit, at least they’ll be entertaining.

I’m choosing to believe all this is real. Why? Because I have zero hope, and when you have no hope, your mind starts to believe anything. How do you think cults are formed? Ever heard of The Process?