Great year for Craig Kimbrel, who went to the All Star Game as one of two Phillies representatives. However, the Guns N Roses entrance music might be cursed:

It’s actually home outings, according to a follow up tweet. Twitter user Josh adds that Kimbrel’s ERA was 3.26 before the GNR entrance music, though that includes all appearances in all venues.

Some Kimbrel stats combining August and September:

  • 21 innings pitched
  • 18 hits allowed
  • 12 runs conceded
  • four home runs
  • 10 walks
  • 24 strikeouts
  • 4 blown saves

The other thing is that you can’t have the fancy entrance for a setup man. If Kimbrel is closing, so be it, but you can’t do Welcome to the Jungle in the 8th inning. It’s crazy.

Anyway simple fix here. Just get rid of the entrance and Kimbrel will go back to pre-ASB Kimbrel. The song is cursed.