Dak Prescott went under anesthesia for 11 hours…for a TATTOO according to Clarence Hill Jr. at the Fort-Worth Star Telegram. Being sedated for some ink is insane to me. 11 HOURS! Almost half a day for a leg piece:

So Prescott is blocking out all the noise and the haters now. He doesn’t care what they think or say. And no one can stop him from doing something that he puts his mind to and has his heart set on. Case in point, remember in the spring when Prescott unveiled a huge leg tattoo that featured a ton of artwork important to the quarterback’s life and journey.

There is a picture of the moose is a nod to his brother, Jace, who died by suicide in 2020. The is photo of a Pegasus honors his mother, Peggy, who passed away from cancer in 2013. There are images of a Black Mamba for Kobe Bryant, a Jumpman logo for Michael Jordan and a picture of Muhammad Ali. The massive tattoo also features Daffy Duck doing Dak’s signature touchdown celebration, the Dallas’ skyline and a sign from the Pine Creek Estates mobile home park in Louisiana where Prescott grew up.

Apparently it took roughly “11 hours to complete and Prescott was put under sedation the entire time.”

Here are the results:


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Listen I’m not a tattoo guy. Huge pussy. Hate needles. But getting put into a medically induced coma for a Daffy Duck tattoo feels like going against some kind of tattoo creed. The last thing I’d want if I’m a Cowboys fan is for my QB to admit he couldn’t handle the pain of a tattoo. Again I want to state for the record I’m a humongous pussy. But I also don’t play QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

Could you imagine Jalen Hurts doing this? Absolutely not. Hurts would welcome the pain. He seeks out the grind. Respects the process. He has a standard for himself and it only rises.

Dak is a classic over-sharer. That’s what separates him from Hurts. Don’t admit to people you went under for a Daffy Duck tattoo. Then you have guys like me tearing you apart and creating a whole narrative about you being soft and how you can’t lead a team to a Super Bowl (still true). Just lie and tell people you got it in the offseason.

Dunphy > Dak

It turns out CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard went under when getting their tattoos as well:

And you can add receiver CeeDee Lamb and running back Tony Pollard to list of Cowboys who did it by the same artist that Prescott used, Andres Ortega from the Arizona tattoo shop Onder Link. Lamb actually got his done first and referred Prescott to Ortega. Pollard was last. “It was smooth. I just woke up,” Pollard said. “I knew Dak had just did it and CeeDee did it. I know if they trust them I was good. They are worth a lot of money. When Dak did it, that was my green light. If Dak is cool with it. He makes good decisions.” Neither Pollard nor Lamb were under for 11 or so hours.

Guys that get hit over the middle and run into 300 pound behemoths 20 times a game going under for tattoos? I just can’t wrap my head around it efficient or not. Birds already have the division locked up.