It’s Day 6 of the manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante and we just found out how he escaped. Turns out he used the same exact playbook an inmate used a couple months earlier, according to Vinny Vella at the Inky:

Danelo Cavalcante, 34, climbed onto the roof of a building at the prison in Pocopson Township early Thursday from one of the facility’s exercise yards, according to a source at the prison who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.

Cavalcante then ran across the roof and dropped down to a less-secure area, fleeing the prison grounds from there, the source said.

His apparent escape method is nearly identical to one used by Igor Bolte, 30, who escaped from the county prison on May 19 but was caught nearby minutes later.

Call me crazy, but when a prisoner escapes using the roof you should probably figure out a way to secure that roof. You think Warden Norton didn’t have the hole in Andy Dufresne’s cell sealed before putting another inmate in there? Dufresne just crawled through five football fields of shit-smelling foulness to get free. You don’t think the next guy would’ve done the exact same thing? Gotta imagine having two prisoners escape the same way a couple months apart has to be embarrassing. That’s like getting beat in the Super Bowl on the exact same play twice for a touchdown.

Here’s where were at in the search for Cavalcante. There has been reports of a man who looks like him getting into a green truck:

They’re checking trains and stopping cars:

Schools and businesses have been closed for multiple days in a row. Law enforcement is saying the search is tough due to wooded terrain and hot temperatures rendering their body heat technology useless:

The good news is this guy has two more weeks tops. It might be a heat wave right now, but in a couple weeks apple picking season starts. You don’t fuck with apple picking season in the Delaware Valley. You might be able to escape the police and SWAT, but good luck getting away from Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kay Lee, Kayly, Kailee, Kayli, and Caileigh when there’s an Instagram collage at stake. God forbid this guy makes it to Linvilla Orchards. There will be pitchforks and pumpkin spiced lattes in hand.

Hey Danelo, welcome to your worst nightmare:

If you’ve decided to just now pay attention here’s a great recap of how we got here:

If you’re looking for someone to follow for updates the two best up-to-the-second boots-on-the-ground journalists I’ve seen are Fox 29’s Chris O’Connell and this guy on Twitter named Nik T. Hatziefstathiou.

I watched three hours of O’Connell and his cameraman driving around in the van Tuesday night chasing leads. It was electric! Better than whatever the Phillies were calling baseball:


Does Chris O’Connell get the $10k if he finds him?

UPDATE: Here’s video of Cavalcante escaping. This motherfucker is mini-Jason Bourne: