Danny Briere says don’t look into Carter Hart privatizing his Instagram account and removing everything related to the Flyers:

I don’t know how much stock I put in the “nothing to it” line from Briere. It’s pretty coincidental that other players from that Canada team have gone private on Instagram as well. Whether it’s that or his anger with being in trade rumors for the last six months there’s something fishy. No athlete goes private and removes the team they’re on from their bio unless they want to make a point. As sad as that sounds to type out in today’s world as athletes it’s more common than not.

But we can only speculate as of now. I’ll tell you what I need the most in Philly at the moment is Hockey Canada to release their findings so we can figure out what’s up with Hart’s future and Councilman Squilla to make a final decision on the Sixers arena. Can’t stress to you how much I don’t feel like talking about either anymore.