Do I remind you of your daddy in the back of this Ford?

According to TMZ Bryan was arrested for an obstruction of investigation charge:

This week he’s got the #1 album in the country, #1 song in the country, and a mugshot. That’s a Johnny Cash hat trick.

This was his last Instagram story before the arrest. It looked like he was on his way to catch the Birds vs Patriots in Foxboro this weekend:

For those unaware how a kid in Cowboys country can become an Eagles fan. Bryan dated a girl from the area and lived in the Fairmount neighborhood in Philly all last year. He recorded most of his last two albums at MilkBoy South Street. He sold out two nights at the Wells Fargo Center and rocked a Jalen Hurts jersey during one of them:

He released his single “Dawns” after the Eagles beat the Giants last year in the playoffs:

And he dropped a “Go Birds” right in Daniel Jones’ dumb face during his summer long tour:

He’s one of us.

Of course these dirtball Cowboys fan cops targeted this guy. They probably got in a shouting match about Hurts vs. Dak and the cops abused their power and arrested him. Birds -4. Lock it up!

P.S. Go Birds:

UPDATE: Zach Bryan explains everything that happens. I was right dirtball Cowboys fan cops. Probably saw the Eagles magnet on the bumper and wanted to fuck with him, which started this whole thing: