After dominating the Bucs in Tampa, Eagles fans dominated Action News in Tampa:

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“I’m trying to get thought a live shot, and you know the Eagles fans were uh… annoying before the game and they’re even worse now. Maybe we can find a Bucs fan to talk to.”

And then this exchange:

Reporter: “Hey what did the Bucs do right today?”

Eagles fan: “uh, nothing! (laughs and looks at the camera)” 

Reporter: “What did the Eagles do right?”

Eagles fan: “Everything.”

Then the second guy walks in from the left holding a Modelo. Awesome. What a fan base.

The reporter’s name is Michael Paluska. He’s probably calling out sick today, or begging for a different assignment. Hurricane coverage, busted water main, city council meeting, etc, anything that doesn’t involved being surrounded by heathens. I haven’t seen Eagles fans rattle someone like this since Joey Bosa came to town: