Is Shaun Bradley a member of #QGannon? I might have a couple shirts laying around somewhere if he wants one:

You might hate Gannon. You might sympathize with the fact that he just went up against one of the greatest QB/Coach tandems ever in the Super Bowl. But the one thing I think we can all agree on is the Cardinals social media team has done zero favors for him so far:

How does that clip from that meeting get out of the editing bay? Someone actually looked at that and thought, “Nailed it. This will inspire the fanbase.” I can’t believe these two guys are the same person:

The good thing is games aren’t won on the Twitter. Though games probably won’t be won in Arizona either. They don’t have any QBs and they’re apparently already tanking for Caleb Williams. He’s probably going to win like three times this year and everyone in Philly is going to tell say, “I told you so”. Why do I have a hard on for Gannon, you ask? I don’t know. I like Murr in Impractical Jokers too. That might be connected. But mostly it’s because I think Gannon was apart of a laundry list of problems that happened in the Super Bowl like Bradley does: