Nick Sirianni didn’t spill anything when asked about the AJ Brown/Jalen Hurts sideline confrontation. He originally stuck with the story that he didn’t see it until Jeff McLane broke the news that the broadcast caught him getting in the middle of Hurts and Brown:

This is the look of a guy who knew he just got caught red-handed:

Here’s the video if you missed it:

Jalen Hurts on the other hand put on a leadership masterclass as we would expect:

Jason Kelce also gave his two cents:

This shit never really bothered me. Yea, the body language from A.J. isn’t the greatest. But show me a #1 wide receiver that doesn’t have a little bit of diva in them. Call me crazy but I want my best receiver to want the ball. Not to mention him and Hurts are best friends. Hurts won’t let this bullshit escalate. But lets do a fun little exercise of the sidebar we’re going to get on WIP tomorrow:

“You know John, I saw Justin Jefferson slap his chest and say “my bad” after his fumble into the endzone. Then you look at our sideline and you see A.J. Brown on arguing with Jalen Hurts about not getting the ball. AJ Brown makes $100 million. Justin Jefferson is playing without a contract extension. I’ll tell you what if I had to choose who the better leader is. You know who I’m going with? I’m going with Jefferson.”

Someone tweet me if I’m right.

The only thing I would criticize Sirianni and Brian Johnson for would be over-targeting Brown on the drive right after, when the run game was moving and the Vikings were still in reach. Now the drive would’ve resulted in a Brown touchdown if Rashaad Penny isn’t called for holding and a Vikings defender gets away with a pass interference later. But it was a nine minute drive that ended in a punt in a two score game with 11 minutes on the clock. The Vikings then went right down the field and scored in 3:38. What do the Eagles do? Go back to the run and D’Andre Swift breaks free for a 43 yard rush that sets up a touchdown and ices the game.

This is a talented Eagles team. There are a ton of weapons. There is unfortunately only one ball. It was Dallas Goedert last week it’s Brown this week. Just win baby and everything else will take care of itself.