PHILADELPHIA (September 11, 2023) – The New Wells Fargo Center has begun construction on the final stage of its multi-year, $400 million, completely-privately-funded transformation, which includes several exterior upgrades and advancements. Among the renovations for the final phase are the addition of three massive LED digital boards on the building’s exterior, customizable strut lighting and three canopies for an ease of entry for all guests. The arena’s transformation project is a coordinated effort involving several building-trades unions.

The three LED digital boards will be located at the northeast and northwest corners of the arena and the south façade. All three boards, which are designed by ANC, will be just under 35 feet in height, and the total square footage of added digital screening will be over 10,500 square feet. 

In addition to the added LED screen real estate, the arena will also add customizable strut lighting by Jones Sign on all four corners of the building. Totaling nearly 1,000 feet of lighting, the system will have the capability of being lit a solid color (e.g. Flyers orange, 76ers blue) or play one minute video loops (e.g. American flag waving) where each single ribbon of the large section of strut lighting will be used to make up the video sequence. The existing LED uplighting system that currently lights the eyebrow of the arena roof will also be completely replaced and will be coordinated with the strut lighting.

Also included in this phase of exterior upgrades are three new entry canopies designed to make guest entry even easier and more comfortable. The canopies will be located at the Broad Street Entrance, 11th Street Entrance and Premium Access Entrance. All canopies will be heated, programmed with audio capabilities, and will lead into the New Wells Fargo Center’s Evolv Technology, which was introduced last April and features state-of-the-art touchless security screening.

All of these exterior upgrades will coincide with major parking and entry improvements, which are scheduled to debut this fall. Previously, the two Broad Street entrances to the Sports Complex each had four lanes with single points of service at each. Once the project is complete later this year, each Broad Street gate will have six lanes with two kiosks per lane, increasing the points of sale from four to 12. This significantly expanded traffic and parking infrastructure will benefit guests at all three of the Sports Complex’s venues and reduce traffic for South Philadelphia residents.

Honestly, I think the last paragraph there is the biggest takeaway. Don’t get me wrong, the video board and lighting upgrades look nice, and will be nice, but if expanding those parking lanes lets more people get in and out of the lots with ease, then that will be highly appreciated. We’ve all sat in those backed-up entryways while some entitled dipshit in a gas guzzler cuts in front of you and tries to wriggle their way in. Fucking weasels. It’s always some suburban dad with his 10-year-old son in the passenger seat. Hey kid, your dad’s an asshole!

Here are some more renderings, courtesy of Comcast: