Good video clip here:

“It just started pouring out of nowhere, gang. Like what the fuck is that about? Hey Sweaty (Josh Sweat), now they got the ball and the rain stopped. They got a weather machine out here gang. Not a cloud in sight. They got a weather machine. This is fucking absurd.”

First, appreciate Reddick referring to Josh Sweat as “Sweaty.”

Second, is this Reddick’s first time in Florida? Can’t be. A quick look at the NFL game log shows he played in Tampa in 2019, then Tampa and Miami both in 2021, and if you’ve spent even five seconds in Florida, you’ve probably seen clear skies turn to torrential rain, then back to full sun in the span of 10 minutes. That’s pretty typical at any time of the year.

Reddick strikes me as one of those guys who probably complains about meteorologists. “Man I’d love to be wrong 50% of the time and still get paid!” Something like that. Although being a weather person in Florida has to be a thankless job. You just blindfold yourself and throw darts at a cork board and call it a forecast. Honestly though, if we could control the weather, would it be mankind’s greatest breakthrough? Greater than fire, or sliced bread, or the internet? Imagine what we could do with a weather machine. We could make it rain in Namibia and snow in Brazil. The possibilities are endless. I think Reddick is on to something here.