Remember that viral video Jason Kelce’s wife posted after the birth of their third child? It showed Kelce napping, sitting around, eating a bagel, basically doing nothing.

Kylie Kelce with a clarification on Jason and Travis’ New Heights podcast:

If you were in the hospital room during the birth of your child, you know the feeling. You feel totally useless. Like an absolute zero. Here’s your wife/girlfriend/baby mama hooked up to a machine, a huge needle goes in her back, she’s in bed for hours doing anything possible to get this kid out of the womb. You are sitting there like a dolt just trying to help out in any way possible. You are given the worst “couch” in the world to sleep on and and justifiably treated like a nobody during the 48+ hours you spend in the hospital.

It’s a weird feeling, but good on Kylie for giving Jason props. And when you get to the 2nd or 3rd kid, you give exponentially less fucks, because you’re just trying to survive each day and the scrutiny you placed into raising one goes completely out the window. You let them run around and trash the house and spill juice on the floor and all of that. You just stop caring, as Jason mentions.

Cool video clip though. Kelce’s wife seems really chill. Here’s the original TikTok if you didn’t see it:


My husband crushes the role of labor support person.

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