Had a couple of people send this to me over the weekend, so I share it with you:

I am not sure if Eskin and Gargano liked each other when they both worked at WIP, but Cuz has taken indirect shots at Howard in the past, most recently ripping him (without mentioning him by name) for using two full minutes to try to get something out of Daryl Morey on the Ben Simmons topic:

“The grandstanding over the question of trading Ben Simmons is stupid.”

For context, this was two years ago, after the Sixers lost to the Hawks and exited the playoffs in disappointing fashion (again). Daryl Morey was never going to give anybody anything, but Howard did what he does, which is jam the square peg into the round hole anyway. He got nothing of actual value from Morey but was lauded by the hoagie mouths for “asking the hard questions.”

I side with Anthony Gargano on this one.