This guy Jack Cote made a TikTok for his 134k followers before the Patriots game. In it he said if the Patriots lost he’d do whatever the top comment was:


On my way to the game, Patriots will win. But if they dont, i will do the top comment #fyp #foryou #viral #nfl #football #patriots #eagles #newenglandpatriots #tombrady #foxborough #macjones #philadelphiaeagles

♬ Twenty One Pilots Hometown Slowed Sad Part – Half Angel Half Devil

They lost 25-20. Didn’t even cover! So what does he have to do?

Drumroll please…

We have our winner:

This was his last TikTok:


This one hurt. #fyp #foryou #viral #nfl #football #tombrady #macjones #patriots #eagles #newenglandpatriots #philadelphiaeagles #CapCut

♬ som original – Translation

As of this writing, we still don’t have an update on this Never Nude. It’d be a real shame if Eagles fans flooded his TikTok comments, pressuring him to make good on his promise. A deal is a deal. Can’t back out now or you’re a total fraud. I’d hate to see his favorite team suffer for it.

Sure, you’ve got six titles in your lifetime. How many more do you really need? Maybe you’ll be content for another five or 10 years. But at some point you’re gonna get that itch again. Once the Steelers and 49ers pass you you’re not the crown jewel of the NFL anymore. You’re the star athlete in high school at the corner bar talking about the glory days. All because you didn’t make good on that promise. Do you want to be a laughingstock like the Dallas Cowboys? Nobody cares they have five titles. That was 30 years ago. They were still handing out long term deals to running backs last time they lifted the Lombardi. 2049 will be here before you know it, Jack. Get the BIC!

Also, as a guy who didn’t have armpit hair until he was 15 I can take one look at this kid and know it’s not going to be a difficult process:

This isn’t Steve Carell in 40 Year Old Virgin. What’s another skinhead in Boston anyway?