It was 10-3 Eagles on Monday night when Jalen Hurts threw a red zone interception after a miscommunication with D’Andre Swift.

No big deal.

On the ensuing possession, Jalen Carter remedied the situation, first contributing to a group sack on Baker Mayfield before clobbering Rachaad White and getting the ball back for the Birds, who would then kick a field goal to go into halftime up 13-3.

The rookie DT finished with two tackles, a half sack, and a quarterback hit, but thanks to Athlete Dynasty, we have a better idea of how nasty he was in Tampa:

That was a pleasure to watch, and I’ve logged every snap here:

  1. pushes Matt Feiler backward 1v1
  2. shoves Tristan Wirfs aside, gets a hand on Mayfield, flushes him from pocket
  3. Bucs run to other side of the line, loss of yardage
  4. beats Cody Mauch to the inside
  5. double teamed by guard and center
  6. double teamed and knocked down
  7. quick screen
  8. double teamed
  9. quick screen
  10. double teamed
  11. gets by Luke Goedeke for a hurry, Mayfield incomplete
  12. double teamed
  13. bulldozes Mauch, group sack
  14. double teamed, forces fumble
  15. beats Mauch inside, forces Mayfield to step up
  16. double teamed, Nick Morrow makes tackle for safety
  17. double teamed
  18. double teamed
  19. double teamed
  20. Bucs throw quick fade
  21. 1v1, tries to swat ball down

So if I got that correct, he was double teamed on 10 of 21 snaps on Monday night, close to 50%. That’s going to be the case when you’re rushing four against a typical Tampa front, but still, this guy is a rookie and commanding a ton of attention from opposing lines. He’s got a quick first step and shuffles laterally inside or outside to skirt guards and centers, which is crazy for a guy who is 6’3″ and more than 310 pounds. He’s already the betting favorite for defensive rookie of the year (+110) with five tackles, two forced fumbles, 1.5 sacks, two tackles for loss, and two QB hits. He might go to the Pro Bowl as a rook.

I am hereby requesting that we do away with the “Baby Rhino” nickname and think of something better. We need a larger beast. That’s why I used the word “behemoth” in the headline.