Meantime in the Philadelphia sports world, we’ve got former crime boss Joey Merlino now doing a podcast and giving out football picks.

This is his real Instagram account, which has seven posts as of Sunday morning:

It looks like Joey is 1-1 so far. He had Detroit +5.5 against the Chiefs, which cashed. Bang bang. However, he took Nebraska in a blowout against Coach Prime and lost that one, so we’re .500 for now. Will I criticize his Nebraska pick? Absolutely the fuck not. Not once will I be fading Joey Merlino, who also has the Commanders at -6.5 over Jonathan Gannon and the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon. He’s about to be 2-1 since that one is a stone cold, lead pipe lock.

Apparently the podcast is called “The Skinny with Joey Merlino.” No episodes yet. The only thing I can find right now is this short on YouTube:

If you have no idea who Joey Merlino is, congrats, you’ve been living under a rock. Get to Googling.