The Commanders are 2-0 and Josh Harris is delivering low fives:

THUD! Now that’s how you deliver a low five. Somewhere, Howard Eskin is absolutely fuming at this video clip.

But I look at this and think Harris might have redeemed himself after the limp fish handshake from a few weeks prior. In that scenario, he did the opposite of whatever leaving somebody hanging is. In this particular video:

  1. he comes in with intent
  2. starts with the high five
  3. goes to the fist bump*
  4. realizes it’s actually a low five (because the hand is below the elbow)
  5. thwack! low five

Now you may think it’s awkward that he goes high five/fist bump/low five, but I disagree. We’ve all gone in for some kind of greeting and had to switch it up, mid-motion, because you aren’t completely sure what the other person is looking for. It can be really weird. Is this dude expecting a hand or a fist? And during COVID it was the fucking worst, because people would stick out an elbow, or they didn’t want your hand at all. They’d just stand there like that Bond villain from The Spy Who Loved Me who preferred not to shake hands. Karl Stromberg:


But this is good from Josh Harris. He went in the locker room after the win and presented the game ball to Riverboat Ron Rivera. And sure, the Cardinals and the Broncos kinda stink, but the Commies are 2-0 and they don’t look like the total joke of the Dan Snyder era. Perhaps it’s the Josh Harris effect. Hopefully some of this renewed moxie rubs off on the Sixers.