Nick Sirianni’s already impressive resume can distract from the fact that he’s still in just the third year of his first head coaching job. Young head coaches, even ones that have a Super Bowl appearance under their belt, make mistakes, and Sirianni is better than most at admitting to them.

D’Andre Swift ran in a two-yard Eagles touchdown with 4:13 left to go in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s Eagles/Vikings game. The touchdown extended the Eagles’ lead from just points to twelve. However, Sirianni, who is normally aggressive almost to a fault, elected to kick the extra point to take the lead to thirteen instead of going for two. He spoke about that decision at Monday’s press conference:

Q. After that last RB D’Andre Swift touchdown, I think a little more than four minutes to go, you’re up 12, why not go for two there? (Jimmy Kempski)

NICK SIRIANNI: As I looked at that, I should have. I should have gone for two there. I didn’t do a good enough job there. I didn’t go through my process of what I do in that one. That’s before any drive in the fourth quarter, before the drive even starts, to have that conversation, ‘hey, this is a two-point conversion opportunity or this is not.’

Again, just missed a step in my process. I’ll be better at that, so mistake on my part. You’re a little late to ask me that question. My brother asked me that question right after the game why I didn’t do that, so I had to answer that tough question with him.

And again, that’s me, and so we’re all growing at this particular time, regardless. So, would we love for us to be playing our best football right now? Yes. But that’s unrealistic and that always starts with me. It’s always going to start with me, so error on my decision there.

And a second question, later in the press conference:

Q. Just to follow up on the two-point conversion thing, curious if the mechanics are different this year than they were last year as far as you said you should have had it in your head before the drive started —  (Bo Wulf)

NICK SIRIANNI: No, that’s always on me and that’s always just checking my chart and then the flow of the game and everything like that before.

So, no, nothing different there as far as the operation. I made a lapse in my process that cost us an opportunity to go for two and go up 14.

A two-point conversion would have considerably helped Eagles fans’ blood pressure through the last few minutes of the game, especially after the Vikings scored a late touchdown to cut the lead back down to six. But Sirianni’s readiness to admit his error shows that the team’s Super Bowl appearance hasn’t gotten to his head. He’s aware that he’s still in the early stages of his head coaching career, and he’s willing to openly admit when he makes a mistake. Luckily, this one didn’t end up costing the team a win, and hopefully he’s already learned from it.