You see this on the broadcast?

No, not the guy with the helmet. Check out the mom with two babies pouring what appears to be wine from a coffee or a sippy cup. That was my wife four years ago, but sitting on the couch with only one kid, sushi, and a hazy IPA.

Looks like this mom is saying “third and four, we got,” then the video cuts off. Maybe “third and four, we got this,” or “third and four, we gotta get a stop.” Either will suffice. Definitely a frontrunner for 2023 mom of the year. Not sure what would top this, because the bar has been set very high. Are you going to bring two babies to a football game and then multitask? I mean, she knows the down and distance, for Christ’s sake. She is completely dialed in while taking care of two kids and pouring herself a drink. Most moms would not even attempt this, let alone execute it properly.