The universe is wild.

This guy got a text at 9:05pm from his buddy that a woman he knew named Cheryl passed away (tweet was deleted but we got a screenshot):

Nick Castellanos must’ve felt something in the air because a couple minutes later he homered:

Don’t believe me? The time stamps don’t lie. He gets the text at 9:05pm:


Fox posts the Castellanos home run highlight at 9:08:

Give or take a few minutes sure, but you can’t deny that is some sort of dark magic. Nobody is hotter than Castellanos right now. People dying left and right and Nick Castellanos has jacked four homers in four games. Tonight’s was in memory of Cheryl. Her family will always remember the 21st night of September.

#RIPCheryl. That sucks.

Note: The “That sucks” makes it seem like Cheryl had been sick for awhile. That response doesn’t exactly feel like he’s grieving. If it was a next of kin and her days were numbered he probably wouldn’t be at the Phillies game. So I think this is fair game to post. Time’s yours.