This is beautiful. Nick Wright got a tattoo so he could use it for content on his show and pick the Chiefs to go 20-0 this season. They lost in the first game:

One thing though –

Saying, “I don’t think, in the history of sports media, there’s been someone more committed to a take.” is lunacy. The most committed someone has ever been to a take?! Dude you got a slogan tattooed on your arm. “Never a doubt” could mean literally anything. It’s not like he got “Chiefs 20-0 Super Bowl LVIII Champions” on his arm. Johnny Marks got Nick Foles’ fat face on his back after the Eagles won the Super Bowl:

That’s real dedication.

Now Marks’ poor wife has to look at that every single time he’s on the beach. You think that Lombardi is going to age well? Absolutely not. It’s going to look like those melted clocks Salvador Dali painted.

This would be like me getting a tattoo of “Trust the Process” and predicting the Sixers make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. I travel 100 miles outside of Philly and “Trust the Process” can have an entire different meaning. Is it a life motto? It could mean anything.

What a lousy bit. I hate Nick Wright: