Hey look, it’s another fight that has nothing to do with Philly fans:

Short clip, but a good one. The “Bitch, I’m a Jet!” t-shirt adds to the video.

Funny thing is that it appears we have two separate fights going on here. The first scrum is a 2v1, of course, because nobody ever fights fair in these stadium brawls. But the quick pan to the right shows a Cowboys fan laying on his side, like he just sunk in a rear naked choke and he’s got his hand up as if to say “alright we’re done, it’s over.” Then the camera pans back to the left, and “Bitch, I’m a Jet” is throwing kidney shots from behind while his opponent is engaged with the other guy. Real classy! They crash into the camera and it looks like we’ve got dueling judo throws/bulldog chokes going on here. Jet 1 is attempt to judo throw Dallas fan, who is attempting to judo throw Jet 2. They all fall to the ground and then Micah Parsons jersey and two other guys go over to break it up.

Here’s the bloody aftermath: