Phillies fans are not happy they heard an Eagles chant during a one run game on the broadcast last night:

Can’t disagree with Tea Mike more. I want Eagles chants everywhere. Golf tournaments, political conventions, weddings, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, shabbos, underwater, in space. Anywhere you can deliver a thunderous E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES I welcome it:



Here’s a simple solution if you want it to stop at Phillies games: Get the Phillies a good chant.

It’s not the Eagles fault it’s so fun. You hear someone shout ‘E’ and it’s like a dog whistle. It’s impossible not to follow with an ‘A’. Bryce Harper knows the feeling:

Not to mention it’s multidimensional. It’s easy for drunk people to follow and your toddler can participate. A real five tool player.

We’re two days away from the Eagles starting one of the most anticipated seasons in franchise history while the Phillies basically have a Wild Card spot locked up. If the Eagles were dogshit I think people would have a stronger case. I was there Friday night and it was BORRRRRRRING. In the pitch clock era! Trea Turner started it off with a bang, but after that there were only five measly hits until the sixth inning. Then once Jacob Stallings hit that go ahead home run all the air was let out of the building.

Here’s a great point by @RealMamaEagle:

I love this guy replying that it’s disrespectful like Bryce Harper is going to request a trade because he feels mocked in his own ballpark. If anything I think this would drive that psychopath to new heights. When he thinks he’s hit enough balls in the cage he’ll remember that family of four chanting E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! in section 104 and he’ll take 100 more hacks. Now I think there might not be enough EAGLES chants at CBP!