Joel Embiid will be at the Commies game supporting Josh Harris Sunday:

Known DC area sports legend Joel Embiid:


The Sixers social media team is taking a BEATING in the mentions:






I can’t blame people for being upset. The Sixers are the most hated team in Philly right now and it’s not even close and it’s for moves like this. The optics absolutely suck. It looks fugazi that the MVP is being used as a draw for an Eagles division rival. Now obviously this was Joel Embiid’s choice. He probably got a nice little bag for his appearance too. But take a step back a second and look at it from a thousand foot lens. With all the bullshit surrounding this team I think it’s actually good to see the star player supporting the owner. If you’re like me and every day you wake up and wonder if this is the day Embiid finally requests a trade, then this is a good sign. Embiid and ownership seem to be on good terms. I’m happy Joel Embiid is in FedEx today *ducks*.

Now if Embiid is wearing Commies gear…all bets might be off.