A source texted me a few weeks ago noting that Primo Hoagies had contacted Audacy about advertising on WIP. Lo and behold:

This is direct fallout from the Anthony Gargano lawsuit. Primo was a BIG Cuz sponsor, When you thought of Gargano and loyal clients, Primo was right near the top. He even used to have his own sandwich called “The Cuz,” which, if I recall correctly, was some kind of Italian sausage joint.

Primo actually used to advertise with Cuz when he was on WIP, before he went to the Fanatic:

photo via 94 WIP Facebook page

With Anthony currently suspended by the Fanatic while the All City dispute plays out, Primo apparently decided they were going to switch radio stations instead, and go back to WIP.

Your initial reaction might be to laugh and/or do an Italian meat joke, like a Sopranos “gabagool” or something like that, but stuff like this actually helps Beasley’s case. Why? Well they argue in their lawsuit that Gargano working with All City compromises their client base, which results in lost revenue.

Primo isn’t mentioned by name, but in the lawsuit, which uses the word “advertise” or “advertising ” 12 times, this passage is written:

“For example, a major advertiser with The Fanatic has already cancelled its advertising schedule with Beasley because of the events surrounding Gargano’s affiliation with another media outlet and his temporary suspension from broadcasting duties for The Fanatic.”

I’m willing to bet that’s Primo they were talking about, though I’ll ask around to see if I can confirm.

Seriously though, WIP getting Primo back is a big deal. Primo does a lot of advertising in this space, and their target demo is people like you and me. Men in the 25 to 54 age range with (admittedly very little) disposable income and a taste for prosciutto and provolone. Shit, I might go to Primo for lunch. The closest one to me is the train station in UG off Church Road. The teenager at the counter always looks miserable.