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Rob Thomson has previously said that if Hoskins is able to play in the postseason, it will be as a designated or pinch hitter. He also doesn’t think Rhys would be available before the World Series, communicating that thought in a recent WIP interview, but you never know. Get Hoskins some Aaron Rodgers-esque Eastern medicine routine and he’ll be emerging from the figurative darkness to spike the bat at CBP in October.

Here’s that full quote from the morning show:

“I think there is (a chance he returns). You know, this guy is making a lot of progress. Now, he has to go through a lot more testing with the training staff and doctors. But he is now hitting on the field. He’s taking, 70, 75, 80 swings a day. He ran the bases the other day. He’s really making a lot of progress and it’s really remarkable to think that we do have a chance, maybe by the World Series. It’s not out of the question. It would still be ahead of schedule, I would say, but it’s not out of the question.”