What a call from Franzke on Nick Castellanos’ double play:

Even sicker is Castellanos made the play in front of Dog the Bounty Hunter:  

And this dead(?) person:

Castellanos broke it down beautifully! The only way Nick Castellanos can:

What a S.L.U.T!

Saving Leads, Unbuttoning Tees.

It’s going to be a big next couple of days for the folks who only listen to Franzke for the games. Thursday night the Phils are on FOX. So unless you want to listen to this guy:

You’ll be enjoying Franzke on the radio.

Then on Friday the Phillies play the Mets again, but this time on Apple TV+. The good news is you can choose to listen to that broadcast through old school radio or on your app OR through Apple’s really cool local broadcast feature:

Could’ve used this when I wanted to listen to Zoo and not Chris Webber.

If you haven’t already right now is a good time to text your dad letting him know where the games are going to be the next two days so he doesn’t blow up and call you at 7:05 complaining about to many apps and too many damn remotes.

The week of Franzke ends when he fills in for T-Mac with Ruben Amaro Jr. on NBC Sports Philly on Saturday. There’s a rumor going around on social media that Kruk has called his last game of the year so you won’t get this:

If that’s the case lets just sim the season to the playoffs.