Just when you thought you’d seen it all:

What’s next, an emotional support elephant? A lemur? An ocelot? Gotta draw the line somewhere, though the alligator appears to be very chill in the video. Totally relaxed. The owner says he’s had him for seven years, so likely there is a very strong gator bond there.

Maria McIlwain at the Inquirer wrote this:

WallyGator is a working emotional support alligator owned by Jonestown resident Joie Henney… Henney earlier told The Inquirer that Wally helps him battle depression and that “he likes to give hugs.” He said last year, when Wally was spotted splashing around at Love Park last summer, that the gator has never bitten anyone.

I believe Henney, but you never know what could happen. What if Wally gets a whiff of a dollar dog and goes crazy? Probably gotta err on the side of caution here. It would be one thing if the gator got up on its back legs to give a standing ovation, but nothing is guaranteed.

The Philly Captain, who is Crossing Broad’s unofficial Bridesburg correspondent, reported on Wally. A few minutes into this video, you see the cops come and ask him if he has a permit: