Wild morning here in the Delaware Valley as Jason Kelce was on WIP and seemingly confirmed the hottest rumor in the tabloid. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce might actually be hanging out:

First off, hey WIP stay in your fucking lane. Leave the dating rumors and gossip to us. Continue to bitch about your undefeated football team while taking calls from former JV football players trying to fix Jalen Hurts’ mechanics.

Anyway – there’s been a lot of smoke around these rumors. You had TSwift wearing Kelce’s birthstone and Travis being coy about the rumors every time it came up on the podcast or when someone made a joke about it:


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Even Jason wouldn’t budge on it just a week ago:

Even with Jason’s quote, I still don’t know if I believe in Telce. This might be a PR stunt for their podcast or hype for the KELCE doc on Amazon Prime. Travis Kelce is not a Taylor guy. Taylor dates B List actors, slender types, and music producers. Guys who are nowhere close to being as successful or rich as she is. Guys she knows she has the upper hand on in every way. She doesn’t date champions. She doesn’t date guys that bench press and catch passes in traffic over the middle. Or guys who might not be allowed within 150 feet of a school:

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Travis Kelce is an All-Pro, media mogul, A-List athlete with more endorsement deals than God right now. Sure, she has her billion-dollar tour. But he catches passes from the billion-dollar QB on Sundays. This shit just doesn’t add up.


This is all a long con. Make him fall in love with you, write a #1 song about him, and when he thinks everything is going well, she pulls the rug out from under him on the day of the Super Bowl, leaving him a mess and losing focus. That’s the Eagles fan Taylor Swift I know. You never go against the family.

Eagles 31, Chiefs 24. Taylor gets her own float at the parade.