AT LAST – A.J. Brown speaks to the media:

I… I don’t know. I just cannot bring myself to care about this. Two guys just having a talk in the moment. Hurts’ is the godfather of Brown’s daughter. They’ve known each other forever and are good friends. This is not some Donovan McNabb and T.O. type of thing. Grown men yell a bit, hash it out, and then it’s cool 24 hours later. Most do not hold lingering grudges.

I believe A.J. when he says it wasn’t about targets. Targets were scarce because the Eagles ran the ball at a 48 to 22 number. Brown finished with six targets, DeVonta Smith had five, and Dallas Goedert had a team-high seven targets, likely because Minnesota was rushing three, dropping eight into coverage, and leaving stuff open underneath. At the time, I thought they might be arguing about where Hurts should go with the ball or what he should do to combat those rush 3/drop 8 looks, which Minnesota was throwing at them in the third quarter prior to the argument being shown on television.

Whatever though. No big deal. This is a nothing burger. Hurts said it best at his midweek press conference. It doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you win (paraphrasing). This is a quarter pounder with no meat, cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup, or mustard.