Everybody made fun of this video clip on Thursday, but it’s worth pointing out that the Birds are undefeated since the performance:

I’m not gonna proclaim this guy the next Inspectah Deck, but the rapping and the lyrics are pretty good here. He just needs a better crowd. You can’t have 7-8 random white people just standing there, making things awkward. The two dudes on the left are killing me with their inactivity.

The rapper is Archie and his song is called “Hurts, Don’t It?”.* I’d share the YouTube video, but it’s blocked by the NFL because there are samples of Jalen Hurts speaking contained within. However, you should all give Archie’s website a visit and show him some support, since he’s a local guy. I’m gonna defend him because he’s a Birds fan and performing live ain’t easy. He’s just rapping over a backing track, no hype man, no stage, no crowd, no nothing. I bet half the critics making fun of Archie were tweeting from their couches while stuffing their fat faces with Cheetos.

Plus, people who say that white folk can’t rap never saw the Max Kellerman video:

Or this clip:

Go Birds.

*Back in the day, we used to ask classmates if they wanted a “Hurts Donut.” When they asked what that meant, we’d punch them in the arm as hard as possible and say “Hurts, don’t it?”