And by something I mean chills inducing! If this doesn’t make you want to run through a brick wall than you must not have any fire in your gut:

Zach Ertz was:

Here’s the entire thing:

Lets break it down…

Did they put JG’s office in the lobby? This looks like every school secretary’s setup I’ve ever seen:

What can’t this guy do? Coach football, sign for packages, and call your mom if you have to go home early from school cause your tummy aches. The monogram water bottle is a nice touch.

When I can’t find my karaoke song:

Everyone is saying the Cardinals are going to 1-16. They’re saying JG is going to be one and done. Jesus was persecuted too. No one knows more about that than JG. You can’t put a price on a Catholic school education. Teaching values for life:


Gannon’s high school coach 100% required everybody who suited up for him to buy his book before training camp started like that one Philosophy teacher you had in college. Probably didn’t even quiz them on it. Just wanted the commission. That’s just good business sense:

Get it? Minisoda! Cause it sounds like Minnesota! LOL


Dawg Mentality:


There’s no shot Uncle Fester is going to make it in the Arizona sun. Going from Minnesota to Arizona is like going from Jalen Hurts to Kyler Murray:

This Cardinals season is going to the moon!