Mike Rainey is a Philly comedian and podcast host for shows Dad Meat and Lil’ Stinkers. His question to Lt. Col. Bivens at the Danelo Cavalcante press conference is doing numbers on social media right now:

He came on Crossing Broadcast to tell us the behind the scenes story and it did not disappoint:

Looks like another felon got through a perimeter state police set up.

My favorite part of the video is this guy’s face scrunching up like he had just smelled an escaped prison inmate that hadn’t showered for 14 days:

The best part is some of the cops apparently thought it was funny like we all did:

Rainey’s right though. If you’re going to let dogs in press conferences then anyone should be allowed in. It’s not his fault Blevins chose him. He raised his hand, waited his turn like a good boy ‘ol boy, and asked his question. It’s not like he was the only one cracking jokes during the press conference. It was a god damn open mic in there:


Sorry. Enough jokes before Victor Fiorillo at Philly Mag poops his diaper again:


Do they only hire people with Danelo Cavalcante sized sticks up their asses at Philly Mag? Between this guy, Laura Brzyski, and Ernest Owens it has to be the lamest place in Philly to work at.

I can’t believe what I’m reading. People getting sick to their stomach’s because of a “Go Birds” tweet above an escaped inmate’s picture of him wearing an Eagles hoodie:

“I’ve already seen so many ‘Go Birds’ posts attached to it, and it’s making me sick actually,” said my colleague Laura Brzyski, Philly Mag’s health and fitness editor, this morning during the 2023 version of watercooler chat, i.e., our Microsoft Teams morning staff check-in, where Cavalcante’s arrest was obviously the hot topic.

And I completely agree with her. Yes, it has probably been almost entertaining for some people far from the search perimeter to watch Cavalcante’s crazy escape from prison. (I have to admit, I was so caught up in the escape video that I made the juvenile move of adding some music to it when I included it in a story.) And then to watch the nearly two weeks of law enforcement trying and failing over and over again to catch this scrawny guy — oh, and of course we all had a few laughs, or at least eye-rolls, when frigging Dog the Bounty Hunter offered to get involved.

I hate when people tell other people what they should and shouldn’t laugh at. Normal people can discern between what is funny memes and Cavalcante being a cold-blooded murderer. It’s not like we’re rooting for the killer. We can laugh at the Cavalcante memes while also laughing at the troopers who caught him taking a picture like he’s a trophy fish. People make fun of everything. We all made jokes about 9/11 when Aaron Rodgers went down on Monday Night Football. I live by the Golden Rule of, “funny is funny”. And the memes, jokes, press conference questions, etc. were hilarious.

Go Birds.