The chatter on the streets:

Eh I dunno, but people seem to like this suggestion, so power to the people. “Brotherly Shove” does localize the concept, and provides a nickname that’s unique to Philadelphia and can’t be copied. Obviously the Colts can’t run the “Brotherly Shove” since Indy’s nickname allegedly is the “Crossroads of America.” (lame) They’d have to to call it the “Crossroad Crush” or some other such nonsense.

The question is whether or not we can change something that has held a name for more than a year already. It started as “rugby scrum middle”, then “tush push” became popular, but is there a statute of limitations on moniker changes? If you had a kid, named him “Bobby,” then he turned 1 and you decided you liked “Charlie” better, would you start calling him Charlie?

These are the questions we’re asking.