Rare L here from Jersey girl Diana Russini:

Awww hell nah! (Steve Harvey voice). There should be MORE tush pushes per game. A Crossing Broad Twitter follower even posited getting the ball at our 1 yard line and then running nothing but the tush push all the way down the field. Imagine that! Jason Kelce’s legs would fall off, but it would be a sight to behold. 47 tush pushes in a row, then BAM! Touchdown.

It’s not an overwhelming sentiment at this point, but you sense that the national media is getting a little antsy here. A little anti-tush push. Peter King called for the ban in the offseason, then Russini with the possibly-rhetorical question, followed by stuff like this:

I’ll echo what everyone else says –

Either figure out a way to stop it, or steal it and run it yourself. Others have tried the latter, and mostly failed. They just don’t have DAWGS on the O line and they don’t have quarterbacks who can squat 600 pounds. It would be one thing if the Eagles found some wrinkle to exploit the rules, but everything they are doing is legal within the parameters of the game, so that’s why the complaints ring hollow. I hope the Birds tush push it 400 times in a row in the next game.

All hail the tush push.