Eagles season doesn’t begin until Gregg Matza is lined up and ready to tailgate at 4:30 a.m. for the first game of the year:

I need a status update on Gregg with two G’s every hour on the 2s. If you know this guy let me know where he tailgates. I’ll be down there at 5 o’clock. I’d love to talk ball with him.  If he’s still got his eyes open by then we’ll consider it a win.

People don’t know this, but Gregg with two G’s has always been about that 4:30 a.m. tailgate life. He gets a cawfee and he gets dahn to the stadium before the sun is up. Always first in line:

Typically accompanied by two pounds of shrimp, some tomato pie, and 70 beers:

Nobody knows how to maximize their PTO like Gregg with two g’s:

Tailgating legend. Happy New Years:

I think this is about to be the drunkest tailgate ever. I thought last year on Monday Night Football against the Vikings was wild, but Thursday night and everyone taking off Friday for a three day weekend, is going to make last year look like child’s play:

See you down there.