Not sure if you’ve been paying attention, but the Central Bucks school district is a hot mess right now. A lot of Republican vs. Democrat nonsense going on up there. There was an ACLU complaint alleging harassment and bullying of LGBTQ students. Then the district decided to lawyer up and taxpayers were supposed to foot the bill. That’s a very brief synopsis, but as Harry Mayes used to say, “what is going on back there?”

Tuesday night, the school board got together and the husband of one of the members reportedly lost his shit and picked up a folding chair:


You hear somebody in the video say “deadly weapon, the chair,” as if this guy was Mikey Whipwreck at the ECW Arena:

Here’s a summary from Jo Ciavaglia at the Bucks County Courier Times:

“The witnesses stated that after the speaker finished his public comment, where he leveled accusations at a minority board member, he allegedly appeared to throw papers into the face of another man, who was seated in the audience.

That man then jumped up and picked up a chair, according to witnesses. Police who were stationed in the meeting room took both men out of the room.  

In a phone interview late Tuesday, the husband of the school board member said he was not arrested or cited and he declined to press charges against the speaker.

The husband said that the speaker initially walked past where he was seated and then circled back and said something obscene about his wife and threw a stack of rolled up papers at him. The man said he immediately stood up and his hand got caught in the back of a chair and he lifted it and put it down.”

Ah yeah, the ole’ “my hand got stuck in the chair” line. What’s next, “the dog ate my homework?

Dunno though, if someone threw papers in my face and insulted my wife <borat voice>, then I might feel the urge to pull a Dudley Boyz.

They gotta figure it out up there, though. Too much nonsense going on in the Doylestown region. Adults setting a shitty precedent for the kids!