Day 1 of a John Tortorella camp is like Christmas. If Christmas consisted of waking up and finding out someone stole all of your presents, lit your house on fire, and made you run a marathon. His skating gauntlet is the stuff of legends. Scott Laughton looks like his lungs might explode and legs are going to fall off:

The guy finally found something tougher than the sun:


From Jordan Hall at last year, Tort’s gauntlet looks like this:

Each of the four groups to take one of the two ice sheets at Flyers Training Center skated for 27 or so minutes.

The sessions included about 17 minutes of laps that would lengthen in distance as the assistant coaches moved the nets from the top of the circles to the goal crease. Following the laps were down and backs, skating from goal line to goal line for 10 minutes.


Absolutely brutal. Remember this hilarious photo from last year’s camp after Day 1?

via Travie Ballin on YouTube

Here’s the thing. You might see military training exercises. I see an opportunity to make money. Torts’ teams are always ready for the season. Here’s a little gift. Bet the Flyers moneyline on the first five games of the year. You’re guaranteed to come out in the green. Remember last year they started 4-1 with wins over Nashville, Tampa Bay, and the Devils – all playoff teams? That’s because as teams are practicing full bore for maybe a couple weeks the Flyers are getting their asses whooped the entire camp:

Someone in that locker room is going to want to strangle Torts with his favorite rope by the end of camp, but they’ll be ready for the season more than other teams because of it:

Bad news for the Flyers is they get to do it all again tomorrow! Live look at Day 2: