There’s no one in the NFL who delivers more content than BG when he’s mic’d up:

“You mic’d up, Fat Boy?”

I gotta imagine the D-Line group chat is an all out war. You’ve got Fletch and BG probably roasting everyone. Nolan Smith and Jordan Davis trying to give shit back. Haason Reddick and Josh Sweat who definitely have it on Do Not Disturb and then Jalen Carter who definitely doesn’t answer his texts. I bet if we looked at his phone right now he’d have 1,000+ unread texts. He just feels like that one friend that doesn’t get back to you until six hours later. Not because they were busy or anything, they just don’t care. Derek Barnett has definitely left the group multiple times because he thought he was getting traded. Another encroachment under his belt.

Brandon Graham needs to be mic’d up for the rest of the season. Every. Single. Game.

Here’s the entire video since the NFL restricts highlights on YouTube from other platforms. Real slick operation you’re running over there, Rog.