On the latest episode of their Birds with Friends podcast, Zach Berman and Bo Wulf announced their departure from The Athletic:

As you know, several Philadelphia sports media members have recently announced that they’re leaving their current outlets. The list now includes Zach, Bo, Charlie O’Connor, Jamie Lynch, Devon Givens, Kyle Neubeck, and a few others. You should expect updates on all of that this week. There’s a larger component to all of this as well, but I’m kind of stuck and can’t report on that because lawyers are involved.

Of course, the departure of Zach/Bo/COC means that The Athletic is down to one single Philadelphia reporter in Matt Gelb, who remains on the Phillies beat. Rich Hofmann was let go a few months back, so they have no Sixers writer. There is a Philadelphia Eagles job posting on the website, and we’re told that an in-house Flyers target has been identified, so hockey fans should expect someone in place by the start of camp. Same thing at the Inquirer, which should have a new Flyers beat lined up within the next 14 days. We’re two weeks out and neither The Athletic or the Inky has a Flyers person, which should be remedied soon.

That’s it for now. Expect a GLUT of official announcements soon.