I’ll make this brief because any time we spend talking about the 76ers is time that could be spent on deserving organizations. James Harden won’t be at Sixers media day according to Woj:

Look, Sixers media day is typically pointless. You have people who work for the team lobbing softball questions to players like, “What is your favorite cheesesteak spot?”, pretending that there isn’t a $30+ million black hole missing. Players take photos, answer some questions from the beats, and we all go about our day. Joel Embiid gets how unserious everything is:

But it’s insane that this is the second star point guard in three years who has skipped out on media day because he wants to be traded. Unprecedented stuff for an organization when you think about it. Between this, the back-and-forth arena bullshit, and general outlook of the team, there might not be a single reason to waste any energy on the team. And maybe a year off from the Sixers would actually do the body some good.

I can’t even fathom how we got here. Remember when Evan Turner yelling “motherfucker” into a hot mic was the only drama on Sixers media day?

I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you’ve actually left them…