This Calum Scott story is going around Philly Twitter. He’ll come here to perform Dancing on my Own if the Phils win it all. Not exactly sure where it originated, but I found a Dan Gelston writeup for The Associated Press, which was also used by NBC 10 and includes a Scott interview with Frances Wang:

Should Bryce Harper and the Phillies win the World Series, save a spot at the end of the Broad Street parade route for Scott. Scott insists he’s coming to Philly and wearing the jersey the team sent him last season as a thank you for his part in making “ Dancing On My Own ” a staple of the postseason soundtrack at Citizens Bank Park.

“They win the World Series, I’m there, man,” Scott said. “I think at that point, you’ll have to hold me back.”

Yeah man, bring him on over here. Everybody gets in on the celebration. Gotta bring Robyn though, because it’s her song. Gotta give credit where it’s due. We’ll bring everyone over here and they can celebrate with the World fucking champions. Calum Scott, Tiesto, Robyn, etc.

This passage from the story I think reveals new information:

Scott said there were talks with the Phillies last postseason (“they sent me the jersey I’m wearing right now”) about a performance, but his world tour put any plans on ice. Once the Phillies lost the World Series, the idea became a moot point anyway, and Scott figured his 15 minutes of Philly fame was over.

Here’s the full NBC interview: