Everyone wants to talk about the A.Jj Brown taunting penalty late in Sunday’s game, so lets go ahead and do that. Here was his quote when asked about it:

Watch the play back. It happens around the seven second mark:

That’s a 15 yard penalty?

Serious question: What is the NFL trying to prevent by flagging players for taunting? Are they worried about America’s youth? Like is a child destined for a life of selling drugs because he saw A.J. Brown drop a ball in the defender’s lap? I’m 100% serious. I wish someone would ask Roger Goodell why he’s okay with this. Because why are we letting plays that have nothing to do with the game affect the outcome? Aren’t they supposed to be entertaining customers? Imagine a Swiftie watching football with her dad for the first time trying to get an explanation for the flag. Because you’d have to explain to her he was flagged for giving the ball to the defender with malicious intent. Read that out loud. How fucking stupid does that sound?

But good job by A.J. acknowledging his fuck up and great job by Jalen to be a leader and get in his ear about it. It should be done after that, but you know WIP will do three shows on the topic Monday. Joe Decamara has his lead-in already written:

Defensive line sucked for 75% of the game, Jalen Hurts looks like he might be dealing with an undisclosed lower body injury, and Sean Desai is doing his best Jonathan Gannon impression. But the “A.J. Brown thing” was Joe’s immediate thought on what needed to be fixed. The guy had one small sideline incident with his best friend two weeks ago, now a taunting penalty, and we act like he’s a problem after zero incidents last year. Did A.J. give up the 64 yard drive to tie it? Did he let the Commies convert a 3rd and 4th down conversion? There are like 10 things we need to clean up before “the A.J. Brown thing”. He’s made 18 catches for 306 yards and 2 TDs the last two gsames.  We wouldn’t have even been in this game without A.J. Brown.

Watch this Ja’Marr Chase clip and then try to tell me with a straight face the Eagles have an A.J. Brown problem: