Nobody is on a better dynasty run than “Got Drunk, Got High, Got Tasered” dude. It brings a tear to my eye when the next generation discovers him in the lots and gets to experience the same fate we all once did:

I mean that wasn’t even a fair fight. Look at the picture.

It’s 28-3 and this guy isn’t the Atlanta Falcons. I love his buddies setting him up, too. “That’s why I paid the $20″ is cold blooded, lol. Leading the pig to slaughter.

Has anyone ever been able to identify this guy? He doesn’t say much. He just walks up to you with a sign that says he’ll challenge you to a shotgun competition for $20, beats you, and then goes on his way to find his next victim. But we all have a story about this guy. I’ve lost to him. You’ve lost to him. Your buddy and dad have lost to him. Everyone:


He’s been on a dynasty run unlike any other. And he does it wearing the exact same “Got High. Got Drunk. Got Tasered.” shirt for almost 20 years now. Not to mention he’s humble. Name me a great athlete who doesn’t let it get to their head. Go on.

That’s right. No one. They all do. Not “Got High. Got Drunk. Got Tasered.” guy. And that’s truly remarkable. The day this guy retires I want the flags around the city at half staff. He’s a true parking lot legend.

P.S. I’m pretty sure he runs a ball in cup game too. Never got swindled into that one. I’m not THAT much of a sucker.


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Don’t hate the player. Hate the game:



Legendary business model: